We source commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – consistently, professionally and sensibly. Nautical World, found and registered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a professional organization which caters to all Trading requirements of client Managed by a Professional and well experienced team, has its presence in all GCC Countries and Indian Subcontinents, with a vast supply of regular Suppliers all over the world, to cater to any and all kinds of requirements of clients.We have a strong base of trustworthy customers, catered to by reliable supply sources from all across the globe.Quality products are supplied at the most competitive rate, backed up by exceptional customer service. Value creation to the client is the primary motive of this venture.

To manage and carry out Procurement activities on a global level, we rely Global Procurement Unit that collect the requests of the relevant Global Business Lines, to develop adequate supply strategies, based on global priority plans.

By doing so, on one hand, it is possible to standardise the requests and requirements of the technical Units of each Business Line in accordance with the Design-to-cost method; on the other, it is possible to manage, in collaboration with the Local Units, the local supply process, promoting improvement by sharing best practices.

We strongly believe in the efficiency and importance of this strategy, which allows us to have a centralised view of the various acquisitions and execute our projects in the best possible way.